1. There are not any umpire fees that are charged for umpiring Paris Optimist Dixie Baseball.
  2. The basic uniform is navy, powder blue, red, tan or black shirts, gray pants, black belt, black shoes and
    navy or black cap. Shirts may be polo type shirts but do not have to be an official umpire shirt. No
    caps with high school or college logos. Each umpire is responsible for their own uniform. Check
  3. Benefits of Being a Paris Optimist Umpire:
    • Optimist will furnish chest protector and shin guards if you need them.
    • There are time limits for games on all fields. Most evenings the games are over by 9:15 PM.
    • An air-conditioned dressing room and bottled water are furnished. This keeps you from having
      to dress in the parking lot out of your car or in the restrooms.
    • You are helping young kids.
  4. You will be provided a rulebook for the ages that you umpire. The Umpire Rules Clinic will be
    required for all umpires. All new umpires will be required to complete the mechanics umpire clinic,
  5. Games will start at 5:30 and 5:45 depending on the field. There are two games per field per night most
    of the time. Umpires should be at the Ball Park and dressed 15 minutes before game time. You must
    call or text if you are going to be late.
  6. In the case of rain on a day that you are scheduled, a decision to call off the games will normally not
    be made until after 4:30 P.M. Michael Bodine or Bill Sanders will notify you as soon or ASAP when
    games are cancelled. Don’t call. We will get the information out as soon as we know. You can call
    Michael or Bill after 4:30 PM if you have not heard from someone. Do not assume that games are
  7. The dressing room will be used for you to dress. Pick up trash, drink and food containers, shirt
    hangers, etc. Hang up the umpire equipment. Do not leave your equipment out on the tables and floor
    in the dressing room. If this room is not kept clean, it will be closed. You will then dress in the
    restrooms or in your car.
  8. You are required to attend the umpire meeting each Sunday at 2:00 PM. Rules will be reviewed, game
    situations will be discussed, schedules will be passed out and checks given out. We will strive to
    make you a better umpire with these Sunday reviews. You must attend these meetings to get game
    assignments and pay checks. If you cannot attend, you must make arrangements with Michael or Bill.
  9. If you want to be Dixie certified, you must go online and take the on line DYB Umpire test. There is a
    $25 fee to take the test at www.texasdixie.org We will be hosting AAA, Ozone and Ranger district
    tournaments. Also, we will host the Ozone Division I and II. North Regional Tournaments. All
    umpires are requested to take the test.
  10. Turn in a pay voucher each night for games that day. Print your name on the voucher. If we cannot
    read your name or if it is not filled out correctly, you do not get paid for that day. Checks will cover
    Saturday thru Friday and you will receive your check at the Sunday meeting. If you do not attend the
    weekly umpire meeting at 2:30 P.M. you will not receive your check until the following week and
    may not get umpire assignments for the next week. Another person will not be allowed to pick up
    your check for you. Do not fill out pay voucher until after you have completed the nights games.
  11. If you have an emergency and cannot keep your game assignment, you must call in this order:
     Bill Sanders - 903-517-6593
  12. All first-time umpires are required to attend the umpire mechanics clinics. All umpires are required to
    attend the rules clinics. 


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